Weight Loss Surgery or Diet?

Weight Loss Surgery or Diet?

Weight Loss Surgery or Diet?

If you are having hard time trying to reach your ideal weight and struggling with obesity, weight loss surgery can be a solution to your weight loss problem as well as improving your health. This operations known as bariatric surgery, have different types and the method which would be used depends on the patient.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

In bariatric surgery, there are different types of operations. These bariatric surgeries can be categorized roughly as food intake restriction and malabsorption. The most known are laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass.

Losing Weight with Diet

It is common that people who experience obesity problem try non-surgical ways before getting a bariatric surgery. These people should exercise regularly and have a diet which is rich in nutritional value and low in calorie value.

A healthy diet and nutrition program can help you to lose weight and gain healthy nutrition habits. But unfortunately, it is difficult for people who has BMI over 35 to lose weight without surgical ways and to keep their weight. A healthy diet is not enough to reach weight loss goals by its own.

When Do You Need Bariatric Surgery?

Most of the time losing weight with diet and exercise takes long time. Insulin resistance that grows on people after some weight makes losing weight impossible. Sometimes losing weight is not an issue for people but they gain what they lost and even more at the same pace. The most well-known reasons are; rapid weight loss, not changing way of living and habits, unpreventable hormonal reasons and genetic factors. Most of the time genetic factors get ahead of all the others. If you cannot find a solution to your obesity problem with dietary and nutritional changes, considering weight loss surgery is a great way to solution.

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