Things You Should Do Before Obesity Surgery

Things You Should Do Before Obesity Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a big step on the way to weight loss and it could be the first chance for many patients for permanent weight loss. Patients’ behaviour before the surgery can uplift the surgery’s success.

In order to help you to uplift the surgery’s success, we formed this control list that you can follow!

Make research for the surgery!

We all know that bariatric surgery is very important. It cures patients’ life quality and health. Patients need to have series of changes in their lives. Reading all the information on social media and internet can be intimidating.

Fortunately, best information comes from the surgeon himself. You can learn all details of obesity surgery directly from best surgeons themselves. In this way you can share your worries with direct communication.

Quit smoking

Smoking affects people in many negative ways and expose you to numerous health problems and this is not a secret. But at the same time it increases the risk of complication during and after the surgery. If you plan it or not, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do! In order your body to adopt changes, you need to quit it as early as possible or minimize it.

Change the way you eat!

After bariatric surgery, you will not be able to eat large portions. Your stomach capacity will decrease and in order to gain your daily vitamin and nutritions you need to eat healthy food and you need to eat less and frequently. The best way to get used to these changes before the surgery is to start practicing for healthy cooking and develop new ways. Start eating fruits and vegetables slowly.

Keep your spirits up!

Pre-surgery and post-surgery can be difficult. There will be people around you who gives necessary/unnecessary advices and even criticize you. First of all do not talk about your surgery plan and details with people around you. This will have a negative effect on your motivation and will ruin your morale. Critics and comments will continue after the surgery too. Do not forget, your health and your decisions only interest you and only you would know what you are going through. Life style changes will only be successful if you and your family follow this list pertinaciously.

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