Preventing Over Eating After Obesity Surgery

Preventing Over Eating After Obesity Surgery

Just like everyone has different metabolism, every patient with obesity is different from one another. For this reason, in order to encourage healthy weight loss, not every patient is suggested with the same surgery. Different kind of surgery procedures are preferred.

Even though it is a difficult decision to make, bariatric surgery is a very important decision as improvement in general health is being talked about. Some patients are struggling with over eating after the surgery. However, it is possible to avoid unhealthy eating. We will talk about the ways of avoiding over eating in this article.

For bariatric surgery patients there are some significant reasons for them to avoid unhealthy eating.

Dumping Syndrome: If person eats to much sugary foods, foods transfer from stomach to small bowel very quickly and it causes symptoms as fatigue, exhaustion, stomach cramps, tachycardia and diarrhea in the patient. This situation is called dumping syndrome. It is very unsettling, and it is a situation that arises after gastric bypass surgery.

Dyspepsia: Even if you are not experiencing dumping syndrome, too much food can cause dyspepsia.

Weight gain: With the self confidence after weight loss in time, patients can have tendency to eat food with high calories and this can have a negative impact on the results of bariatric surgery. Stomach can grow bigger and cause weight gain.

Here are some suggestions for you to prevent over eating and gain healthy eating habits:

Eat Your Food Slowly

‘I am full’ signal reaches the brain after 20 minutes of eating. For this reason, it is important to eat slowly and pause during your meals. Chew your food really nicely. This will help not only avoid over eating but also prevent dumping syndrome.

Portion Control is Important

During your meals, prefer small portions and eat frequently. If you have a big plate full of food, you would want to eat it all and gain too many calories. Long intervals between meals lower your blood sugar and direct you to eat sugary foods.

Use Small Plates

You can save yourself from over eating by using small plates. So even though you eat all the food in your plate, since it is small you would not get so many calories.

Drink Water After Meal Not During

Hydration is important for your health and nutrition. To feel full, drink water between meals. This could prevent over eating problems during the day.

Be Careful About How Your Body Reacts to Food

After bariatric surgery your relationship with food changes and your sense of taste becomes sharper. Observe how food affects your stomach and set yourself according to your needs.

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