Obesity Surgery and High Blood Pressure

Obesity Surgery and High Blood Pressure

Stress, genetic tendency, alcohol consumption and smoking are related risk factors of high blood pressure. However, one of the primary risk factors is obesity.

There is an undeniable connection between obesity and high blood pressure. For example, two thirds of individuals who meet obesity criteria are under high risk of hypertension. Being overweight affects many systems as blood volume, sodium levels and water retention. Eventually, hypertension is an obesity related disease.

Can Obesity Surgery Lower High Blood Pressure?

Obesity surgery is an amazing way to lose weight and control your health. Actually, many studies have shown that bariatric surgery has positive effects on hypertension in long term.

You know that only lowering the blood pressure helps to cure general health.

What are the special benefits of bariatric surgery? Lowering your blood pressure can help these:

It reduces the risk of seizure; Hypertension puts so much pressure on blood vessels. If a vessel in the brain gets damaged, cerebral bleeding and seizure can happen. Lowering your blood pressure can help prevent cerebral bleeding and seizure.

It betters heart health; High blood pressure forces vessels and heart. So, patients may experience coronary artery disease, heart attack or cardiac insufficiency. Lowering your blood pressure ensure your heart functioning under normal conditions.

It better your sight; In time, high blood pressure puts pressure on optic nerve and cause sight problems and blindness. Hypertension treatment reduces the risk of sight problems.

It betters your kidney health; Kidneys normally produce a hormone that regulates blood pressure. Hypertension damages the kidneys and form a dangerous cycle. Lowering your blood pressure helps to prevent these issues and reduces the risk of kidney failure.

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