Obesity Risk Factors

Obesity Risk Factors

Even though obesity surgery participates healing general health, knowing risk factors that contribute obesity can help wipeout the need for operation. Let’s take a look at the most common factors that cause obesity and morbid obesity;


Your parents designate a lot about your character. They can even affect your body weight. Genetics is the most important component of obesity. If you have overweight or obese parents, this will affect you.

Poor Diet

Processed foods, fast food, sugary and high calorie food consumption are common problems that people come across. This kind of diet can contribute to risk of gaining weight. Avoid excessive sugar consumption and instead try eating more vegetables and fruits by focusing on healthy and nutritious foods.

Sedentary Life Style

If you do not exercise regularly, you cannot burn calories. If you have an immobile job and life style, both your health and weight are in danger. Regular exercise will support your weight control. Try to be more active in your daily life.

Medical Conditions

Weight gain is related to many medical conditions as Cushing syndrome, hypothyroidism and clinic depression. Treating these conditions can help person to lose weight and heal general health situation.

Medicine Side Effects

All medicines have side effects and weight gain could be one of them. Below medicine types usually cause weight gain:

Antidepressant medicine

Epilepsy medicine

Antipsychotic medicine

Diabetes medicine


Changes Related to Aging

As one grows older, metabolism slows down and losing weight becomes harder. During climacteric period in women, because of hormonal changes, women can gain weight. Lack of muscle mass is the most important reason that hardens weight control with aging.

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