Nutrition Steps After Obesity Surgery

Nutrition Steps After Obesity Surgery

You will meet a new way of nutrition after your bariatric surgery. It is important to follow your surgeon and dietitian’s guide to avoid potential serious complications while your body recovering. Your following your team’s guide can affect your long-term success positively or negatively.

Let’s take a look at different steps of your diet after bariatric surgery;

First Two Weeks After the Surgery: Liquid Diet

The most important thing you should be careful is not to push your little stomach. You will be asked to follow a liquid diet that give your stomach a chance to recover.

Do not forget, your stomach just gets over a surgery, there will be water retention and no bowel movements so please follow your team’s guide. First week you will start with clear liquids. In addition to water, unsugared apple juice, probably broth, boiled vegetable juice, nonfat milk or ayran, protein shake or protein powder will be among the liquids that are suggested for you.

Third and Fourth Week After the Surgery: Mash Era

As you can see, your food becomes more solid by time. You are eating ‘normal’ now, but they are purified in order to help digestion. They are as temper as baby formula. Yes, metaphorically you are starting your nutrition habits all over again. You are getting used to supplementary food with your baby stomach.

In order to protect your stomach during mash era, soft white meat, vegetable mash and supplementary food will be given to you with recipes by your dietitian.

Fifth Week After the Surgery: Soft Food

When you reach solid food step, we do not recommend you take your calories with liquids. After this week you will start eating solid foods, fibrous foods and protein by chewing them hard.

It is important to chew when you have soft food so they can be digested easily. You would need to be more careful as your digestion system needs extra help now.

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