Is Obesity Surgery Suitable for You?

Is Obesity Surgery Suitable for You?

Even if it is possible to lose weight with many different ways, only 5% of individuals can keep their weight. For this reason, 95% of people who have obesity problem will benefit from bariatric surgery.

Morbid obesity may bring these health problems with itself!


High blood pressure

Sleep apnea

Cardiovascular diseases


Acid reflux


Fatty liver

Urine incontinence

Risk for seizure and many cancer types

Fortunately, most of these diseases can be prevented and cured with weight loss…

What makes bariatric surgery a good choice?

World Health Organization acknowledge that bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for morbid obesity. Researches show that 85% of the patients who undergo bariatric surgery lose 60-70% of their weights and keep their weights in long term.

Features of a Candidate Patient who is Suitable for Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgery is not an option for anyone. Obesity surgery is for patients who have bmi over 35 or have bmi between 30-35 but have related health problems. Obesity surgery is not an easy way of losing weight. It is needed to have criteria that is determined for the surgery.  If you are wondering whether you are suitable for obesity surgery or not, you can benefit from this article.

Bmi does not specifically show one’s body mass index. It is a useful tool to categorized body mass index within acknowledged standards. For example one who has 40 bmi is considered as morbid obese. In order to calculate bmi, one has to divide his/her weight to his/her height’s square meter.

BMI Guide

Generally below bmi range equal to these classifications;

BMI between 18.5 – 24.9 Normal weight

BMI between 25 – 29.9 Over weight

BMI between 30 – 39 Obese

BMI between 40 – 49.9 Morbid obese

BMI 50 or over Super obese

For you to understand whether you are suitable for obesity surgery or not, we classified every method differently. Here are the classifications;

Suitable candidates for obesity surgery

BMI at least 35 or between 30-35 with related health problems,

Age 18 or over or those under 18 who get board approval,

Over 65 or those who get board approval,

Those who failed losing weight with diet or exercise,

Those who has mental capacity to understand post-surgery adaptation and nutrition,

Those who does not plan pregnancy within a year,

Those who does not have alcohol and substance addiction,

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