How Should You Prepare For Weight Loss Surgery?

How Should You Prepare For Weight Loss Surgery?

The first step of bariatric surgery preparation is to see your doctor. You need to talk about your own and your family’s story, your weight loss goals and weight loss history to decide whether bariatric surgery is suitable for you. One of the most important factors that your doctor and their team to consider your suitability for bariatric surgery is your desire and ability to follow diet and life style changes after the surgery. Bariatric surgery is the best treatment for obesity. The main principle for success in bariatric surgery is patient’s desire and dedication to follow healthy life style after the surgery. For this reason, it is very important that your doctor and their team to approve your readiness both physically and mentally when deciding to operate you.

Deciding which procedure is best for you:

After deciding that bariatric surgery is suitable for you, the next step would be deciding which procedure is best for you. There are many factors when choosing a procedure such as your obesity degree, your obesity related diseases if you have any, severity of these diseases, your age, your sex and your previous actions to lose weight.

There are many procedures that you and your doctor could choose. The most practiced two of them all over the world are;

Sleeve gastrectomy – Also known as Tube Stomach or Stomach Tube, is a laparoscopic practice where the 80% of the stomach is taken out. It makes the stomach smaller and you release lesser appetite hormone which makes you feel full with little food.

Gastric Bypass – Gastric bypass is a laparoscopic practice which is practiced by forming a little pouch on top of the stomach and reconnecting this pouch to small bowel. It is a surgery that ruins absorption.

Be ready for the new way of life;

The last step when getting ready for the bariatric surgery is to be willing and ready for the changes and your new life. In bariatric surgery, the main principle is the patient’s willingness, care and harmony with their new life.

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