Frequently Asked Questions about Obesity Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions about Obesity Surgery

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is a term defining a surgery that aims to cause significant weight loss. It is one of the weight loss treatments that is proved to have a successful profile and it is the only way to lose weight for some patients. Although it has a risk as much as any other surgery procedures, bariatric surgery is still a successful and safe treatment option for patients with obesity.

When patients start searching about bariatric surgery’s risks and benefits, they often do not have much information and they are curious about many subjects. Here are some most frequently asked questions about obesity surgery;

How much time do I need after surgery to get back to work?

Getting back to work after bariatric surgery can occur between 3 days to 2 weeks. There are two factors when deciding patient’s getting back to work after the surgery, these are patient’s job and the surgery procedure they choose. Surgeries like gastric bypass which cause malabsorption need longer recovery periods as they are more complex operations. Recovery period is shorter in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. If patients’ job is not labour intensive, they need shorter time to get back to work.

When do I start exercising again?

The first week after bariatric surgery, any exercise is not recommended. After the first week, slow walking and swimming are recommended. The body will be still in recovery period so intensive exercises are not recommended.  Starting short, slow walks after the surgery and following your doctor’s exercise plan would be best for you.

Do I need a plastic surgery after bariatric surgery?

Patients prefer cosmetic surgeries after losing weight with bariatric surgery. Because of the sagging caused by extreme weight loss, most preferred aesthetic procedures are about it. Getting rid of excess skin helps to improve hygiene, prevent moisture accumulation and skin irritations. It also affects patient’s psychology with regards to aesthetics.

Need for plastic surgery is almost never seen with lower weights but it can be a need with higher weights. Sagging rate in the body depends on sex, skin color, number of births in women and age. Sagging rate in men is less than in women. If a woman has not gave birth and does not have extreme weight, there is almost no sagging. But if she has given birth there are almost always sagging. The same way, sagging in women with darker and oily skin is less than women with light and dry skin.

How do I pick the best surgery for myself?

Picking the surgery that is suitable for you is a complex process which you need to consult with your obesity surgeon. There are many factors like obesity rate, number of health issues related to obesity, sex, patient’s choice, previous weight loss experiences and of course price of the surgery when choosing a procedure.

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