Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Recovery process after surgery mostly depends on patients’ choice of method. General recovery process differs from patient to patient. After two or three days of hospital care patients start recovering quickly and going back to their life routine slowly. During recovery process, patients will undergo important changes both internally and externally. The greatest changes after bariatric surgeries are in diet and exercise scope. One of the key components of bariatric surgery is its ability to cause fast weight loss which makes exercise easier and help patients to add physical activities to their daily routines.

Do I Have to Exercise After Obesity Surgery?

Whichever bariatric surgery you undergo – laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass- the success of the operation is inseparably related to patient’s desire to follow their diet and exercise program after the operation. For this reason it is essential for patients to develop and obey a realistic exercise program after surgery. Exercise will help metabolism to quicken, body mass index to raise and lose weight in short term and control weight in long term.

How much exercise should you do?

The exercise program patients should follow after the bariatric surgery depends on their personal abilities, goals and the distance they have to reach their target. It is important to consult your surgeon and assistant health care providers when developing your exercise program to ensure its efficiency and safety.

What kind of exercise should you do?

When developing an exercise program, patients should focus on exercises that cover three areas, cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility. Cardiovascular exercises burn calories, raise your energy levels and speed up your metabolism. Brisk walking and biking are some of them. Free weight and body weight exercises are strength exercises and they help body to burn calories, strengthen your musculoskeletal system, help you improve your posture and form and keep fat free muscle to live an active life.

When should I start doing exercise after obesity surgery?

After laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery, within 7 to 10 days patients go back to their daily life and start brisk walking and swimming. Patients can start doing exercises that require weight, resistance, flexibility and strength if everything is okay with their health. It would be a better choice for patients who experience joint problems to prefer swimming or biking instead of walking.

It is essential to develop and follow an extensive exercise program after the bariatric surgery for reaching the optimum results. Patients should work with the health care team to develop a safe and efficient program according to their needs and abilities.

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