Can Bariatric Surgery Better Your Heart Health?

Can Bariatric Surgery Better Your Heart Health?

Sedentary and immobile life style and unhealthy and imbalanced diet are causing obesity and obesity related diseases to raise all over the world. Obesity is considered as a disease by World Health Organization and without precautions it is said by authorities that it would reach dangerous points. Since obesity is a common disease all over the world, the number of people who has heart problems related to obesity are getting higher every single day. In developed countries 40% of the total dead and in Turkey 32% of the total dead are originated by heart and coronary diseases. The most important reasons causing heart diseases are immobile sedentary life style, unhealthy and imbalanced diet and obesity.


In order to keep a healthy heart, there are many factors. Some of them are general health, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, family background, sleep cycle and exercise routine.

Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are serious risk factors for heart health. Patients with diabetes are at higher risk as diabetes trigger other problems which has negative effects on heart. In addition to diabetes, obesity related high cholesterol and high blood pressure are negative factors which affects heart health. Bariatric surgery can reverse these situations.

High blood pressure causes cardiovascular diseases, it raises the risk of heart attack and seizure. Bariatric surgery can help put in order patient’s high blood pressure as well as diabetes.


Bariatric surgery can help patients to live a healthier life who lose their excess weight. In doing so, bariatric surgery helps patients to improve their obesity related diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, asthma, sleep apnea, joint diseases and diabetes. Bariatric surgery’s success in losing weight and controlling weight in long term is proven throughout the world. Bariatric surgery helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases that are caused by obesity and patients can live healthier and mobile life style after losing weight. With mobile life style and healthy diet, patients can preserve their weights and health for years after losing weight.

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