Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes

Diabetes which affects millions of people in the world is a situation that affects the way body manages glucose. Did you know that bariatric surgery can help patients to cure their blood sugar levels, to lessen their need for medicine or remove it completely? Did you know that complete recovery rates are around 80%?

If you have body mass index (BMI) over 30, if you cannot manage to lose weight and if you have diabetes, bariatric surgery might be the best option for you.

The Importance of Diabetes and Obesity Treatment

Almost always, the development of type 2 diabetes is directly related to obesity and both of them are increasing with worrisome rates. Now, the fight with obesity and diabetes are more important than before.

Some Complications of Diabetes:


Heath diseases,


Sexual Functioning Disorder,

Decrease in cognitive domain,

Renal failure,

Neuropathy (loss of sense),


Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes Patients

Patients with obesity and diabetes can better their health and life quality with bariatric surgery. As of the hormonal changes in gastrointestinal system, many patients who undergo bariatric surgery may realize that type 2 diabetes is recovering even before the weight loss. Many patients stop using medicine and insulin after the surgery.

Things You Need to be Careful About After the Surgery

When taking any surgery into account, it is beneficial to know about recovery process. Knowing what to expect may calm you and relief your worries.

Depending on the surgery, many patients stay in the hospital for 2 to 4 days. Up to first 6 weeks of the surgery, you will be asked to follow a liquid diet. Solid food can be consumed slowly after the first month.

You would need to take some steps after the surgery in order to preserve your weight. For this reason, many bariatric surgeons will ask to get a dietitian to gain healthy eating habits.


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