Bariatric Surgeries and COVID-19 Pandemic

Bariatric Surgeries and COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time. The virus has spread to every continent and cases are raising daily. Countries are racing to slow the spread of the disease by testing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, canceling large gatherings. It has also potential to create devastating social, economic and political crises. All cinemas, theatres, shops, restaurants and bars are closing. We don’t know when normality will return. It is also big threat for health tourism. Social distancing is also important to slow epidemic.

Surgeons also need to help prepare for COVID-19. It is an international emergency until the crisis is under control. We cannot accurately predict many aspects of disease. There are many questions about how to handle the anticipated bariatric surgery in the era of COVID-19 outbreak.

We have decided to temporarily cancel or postpone elective bariatric surgeries and office visits at hospital and at our Inter Bariatrics office. If you have an appointment for a visit, our staff will be reaching out to you to make an online appointment. Thank you for your understandings during this difficult time. Urgent appointments will still continue, and these patients will still receive care.

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