5 Things You Need to Know Before Obesity Surgery

5 Things You Need to Know Before Obesity Surgery

There are many unknown things when patients start searching for bariatric surgery’s risks and benefits. So we put things you need to know before the surgery in order:

It is more than just losing weight

Bariatric surgery’s main goal is to cause quick weight loss but there are secondary benefits resulting from the surgery or weight loss. Secondary benefits include better mental health, improved libido, lesser arthralgia and fertility. In addition to these, the most important secondary benefit of obesity surgery is to cure obesity related problems like heart diseases, diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

You will lose weight quickly

Most patients are shocked to see how quickly they lose weight after bariatric surgery. Whichever procedure they choose, patients start losing weight as they eat smaller portions and as their hormonal structure is changed after the surgery. No matter what you will lose weight!

You can experience emotional and hormonal changes…

Hormonal levels change after the surgery with the help of weight loss and patients can experience some emotional changes after the surgery. For this reason, patients getting psychological support after the surgery will increase the success. Psychological support can be provided from your obesity surgery team, your friends who undergo same surgery, patient therapy support groups or personal psychologist. The important thing is that you should not be alone during this process.


You would need cosmetic surgery after weight loss.

Patients who undergo obesity surgery can benefit from plastic surgery when they reach their goals. There are different options as removing the sagging skin, abdominoplasty, or other methods. It is possible to consider these options after you reach your ideal weight and regain your health.


You may need to take vitamins after the surgery

Bariatric surgery reduces the amount of food intake and it matters what you eat more than ever so you need to eat less and you need to eat quality food. Patients who eat well and have healthy diet generally do not need to take vitamins for a long time. But procedures like gastric bypass causes malabsorption not only in calories of food but also vitamins so you would need to take vitamins and minerals for your lifetime.

When choosing the procedure, it is important to take these into account

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